Proper rule to allow local server

Couldn’t figure out a good search string, so I’m posting:

Running Comodo firewall 5.0 on win 7 x64 Computer is connected to lhome lan (copbo switch/wi-fi/router to cable modem-ISP)

I have a game app that starts a tcp server listening on port 1234. I need to allow connections from my local lan What I found was incoming trafic was being blocked. Per the firewall event log viewer, it was showing
application: Windows Operating System
operation: Blocked
protocol: TCP
Source IP: (computer on lan, can vary)
Source port: 1061 (can vary)
Destination IP: (computer where Comodo firewall is running and where server is running)
Destination port: 1234

I couldn’t figure out what rule was firing to do this block. So I just created a new application rule for application “Windows Operating System” set to
Allow, TCP, In/Out, Source Address IP range -,
Destination address Any, Source Port Any, Destination Port Any

and added it to my application network security policy.

That worked (no longer blocking) but I’m wondering if there is a better way to accomplish this?


scott s.

Strange application, you could restrict the destination Port to 1234 also.

What application is this? It seems not to be recognized by CIS or it uses WOS (Windows Operating System) to communicate, in normal situations this would only show up if the application wasn’t started and you tried to connect to the “server”.

Can you check, Firewall, View Active connections to see which process has port 1234 open?