Prompt for Action Setting

I’m a new user of 2.0 Beta. I’ve been using BOClean for some time and had a terrible bout with Norton AntiVirus, so I decided to try Comodo! Why is there no option in the On-Access Scan to: “Do not automatically disinfect: prompt for action…”? This item is available in the On-Demand section. With the "Automatically disinfect and Quarantine option, you have to go into Quarantine to delete the file! It would be nice to have the option to “prompt” in the On-Access section.

2.0 is almost defunct. Development on it stopped some time ago. CAVS3 beta is about to be released (could be just a matter of days, or hours). My advice would be to use a trial version of another good AV program, such as Avira or Avast, while waiting for the release of CAVS3.



Thanks for the info! This stuff happens to me all the time! As soon as I decide to try some software and get it installed, a new version come out…geez! I put myself on the email list for the new release. I hope to see it soon.

Griz, from all the reports from the forum mod’s on how CAVS3 is testing out I think your short wait will be worth it. Hang in there (as all of waiting for the release are).

Too nervous? Have one of these LOL. :■■■■


No problem! I can be patient. I do minor beta testing of Firefox and Thunderbird (nightlies), so I’m used to upgrades and the like. I just may take you up on your suggestion of a brewsky while I wait! :THNK

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