Prompt closing 'Advanced settings' for recent changes?

After making changes in the ‘Advanced settings’ would you like a prompt when closing, showing the recent changes.

You have made the following changes

OK/Cancel button.

I voted no. There are already so many blocks in the way in V 6 hindering productivity that personally I’m not interested to have some more.

I voted no as well. I thought it may reduce the usability a little with no obvious advantages that I can see. For the vast majority of cases if a user made a change it’s because they wanted to make that change.

This could effect security with different scenarios IMO.

2 examples:

  • You have ‘Advanced settings’ open on a password protected CIS and you get side tracked (e.g. Phone call), a child family member comes to use the computer changes settings or disables components just from fiddling as children do and then pushes OK.
    When you come back to the system you would not realise settings have been changed until maybe to late.
  • While in ‘Advanced settings’ you may have unintentionally/accidentally unchecked or altered a setting and then pushed OK, you would not realise this setting has been altered until possibly to late.

I am sure there are many reasons this could be an added security feature and please note I did have an option to enable/disable this option in my idea.