promotion missing

Screen savers a promotional idea missed?

How about some screen savers for Comodo.


I like this idea!!!


Something else to think about!

I have been thinking that it would be nice to have a “screen saver” that would do a full system scan.
I know that there would be some limitations, such as every time the screen saver was stopped the scan would start from scratch, but I am sure some bright spark could make the scan continue where it left off.
Yes I know that some files would be missed between activations of the screensaver (just one of the limitations).
But better to have partial scan than no scan at all, as I know some people that rarely if ever do a complete scan of there system!

Also it would provide a nice bit of promotion for Comodo.

A rough idea for a screen

| |
| Comodo |
| screensaver |
| |
| |
| “Scanning” |
| |

Possibly a idea for COMODO Firewall Pro or Comodo Anti-ViruSpyware.