Promoting COMODO via Email

Are there ways/banners that can be inserted into the body of my regular personal/buisness emails?? (:KWL)

If your email supports HTML, you should just be able to take small normal banners, upload them to Imageshack, and put them in your signature.

Hey thanks for the reply> I use Microsoft Outlook and does support html (I believe??) I appreciate your time and I am familiar with the ‘signature’ aspect of my emails but after that I’m not to savy with inserting/uploading stuff.
Anyway I need step by step Procedure, and what is Imageshack??
Any help (:KWL)
Thanks one and all

on second thought, just copy and paste this in your siggy:

<center><a href=""><img src="" border=0 alt="Click Here For The Free Comodo Firewall"></a></center>

And for signatures on phpBB forums:


I am using incredimail program, and there is a signature possibility,
but when I add the banner as a photo, it’s very small. I copies 3 size from the banner page
and yes I need it as a url

btw, the Antivirus is very good, and the Boclean does it work, it just warned me of a trojan trying to sneak in… lol
So if anyone can make a banner where the user have only to copy and install, or a banner with a click on ready
it would help me, and for you

and again, those 3 products are just excellent, and I have passed a few programs in my " short" internet life… (:WIN)

try FOXMAIL . this is cool ~

can you help me get this to work in windows live mail please thank you