Prohibited Content: Site may contain content that is prohibited on this network

I’ve seen SecureDNS pages telling me a webpage was blocked for my own safety, but why am I seeing that I’ve just been blocked from seeing “prohibited content”?
The links in questions are 4chan images sent to me by a friend, hosted on . An example link can be seen here . Interestingly enough, SecureDNS doesn’t block this webpage: .
This is an error, right? Comodo wouldn’t actually try to babysit anyone’s internet usage, surely. But why is anything at all marked as prohibited? It doesn’t matter how fishy a site I wanna visit is (okay but I don’t actually visit 4chan), if it’s not going to harm my computer, then I shouldn’t be seeing a warning.

Edit: I dunno what happened but it was solved very shortly after posting this. Thanks! I think?

I stopped using SecureDNS because it blocks sites and doesn’t give an option to bypass the block (which should not be there in the first place).
I use Google DNS servers now, no issues

Why can I see/open the links? Are they no longer blocked?