Programs that CMF now block / stop


Just fired up Joost after several months and found that I kept getting a Break Point error.
Installed the latest release and the error continued.

No other errors, on a hunch added it to the CMF “Exclusion List” and Joost now works.

I am sure that you have heard about other software programs that have had problems since a user installed CMF. No other program checks for the actions that CMF does.

I wonder if Comodo might contact the programmers of these programs ( when Comodo is made aware by a CMF user.)
This would give their programmers, a heads up, and an opportunity to improve their software.

This may of occurred because of reactions that were unintended, or this reaction may be planned and the software may need to stay in the Exclusion List.


good point.

in order to conserve resources for Comodo, why don’t we create a thread here and put them here (good idea/bad idea?) and then email the publishers so that they can see the details…?

or simply get the users to email them.


I had posted in the help forum concerning a CPU loop with JAVA.EXE when CMF is installed. Based on using the exclusion list with JOOST I added JAVA.EXE to the exclusion list and didn’t see the problem with JAVA.EXE that I saw previously. The downside of this of course is if there is a bug in one of the excluded applications, CMF can’t provide the protection is is designed to provide.


Reason: Out-Dated post.