programs that are installed before CPM

i know that Comodo has added the feature to uninstall programs that were installed after CPM but it is going to take a long time to get a good DB built and there is no way that the DB will have all windows programs so Comodo should add some type of cleaning method like revo so that all programs can be uninstalled and the left over files can be cleaned up. It wont be complete but it will do a lot better then the standard uninstall. So if this gets implemented in CPM there will be 3 different ways programs can be uninstalled (installed after cpm, DB is monitored, and some type of search that finds traces) which would be great so we dont have to resort to the standard uninstall.

thanks for the great product.

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That would make CPM a very capable uninstaller. If CPM could do this, I would switch over from Revo. :slight_smile:

before 1.2 came out i thought something like this was coming when they said it could unistall programs that were installed prior to CPM. CPM can do this but is very limited it really needs a universal way to remove traces of programs like revo

i was planning on getting rid of revo when i first heard about the new feature but now i dont want to cuz it cant uninstall anything like revo can

Me too, I was hoping to use CPM in place of Revo especially after I got my Windows 7 64 bit laptop. I ended up paying for Revo, the only paid software I currently use.

You can compare the CPM uninstall function of a monitored program with the ones Revo has and maybe you can show us the results.
Thank you for your support.

yes of a monitored program but what about the programs that arent monitored and are not yet in the application DB then what do we do?
atleast revo still can be used even if it doesnt find everything im sure it still does a better job then the standard uninstaller

EDIT: dont get my wrong im not trying to say bad things or put you down. i really like this program and it does great things that other programs dont do but it is still a new program and still has a lot of room to improve

it sounds like you mean programs that were installed before cpm. if not then i’m really confused. can you please explain if i’m wrong

No, I think you have it correct. I believe he’s saying that Revo is able to do a scan to find where a program may have scattered bits of itself prior to uninstalling it. It would be nice if CPM was able to do this with applications that were installed before CPM was installed.

Comodo is building a database of applications that it has previously monitored, so if you have a popular application installed prior to installing CPM, it may be listed as DB monitored, and it will be able to completely clean that application off your system, but for those that aren’t either monitored or DB monitored, CPM will simply run the applications uninstaller. If it had functionality similar to Revo, it would be much more powerful.

yes i meant before i will change the title

Retroactive monitoring is warranted for two reasons. First, CPM is only fully effective if it is the first application installed after a new build; I would hazard a guess that most computers aren’t of this state. For clients with a bunch of ■■■■ on their computer and not wanting a rebuild, CPM isn’t a viable option.

Second, the CPM database doesn’t build itself; perhaps that should change. A brute force/heuristic/assisted scan would take a stab at prior installations and would provide information for the big COMODO database in the sky, whereupon a Not Monitored install would become Scanned and then become DB Monitored at a future CPM update.

Finally, this would let the devs know which apps need attention.

Added functions are very nice. But will they work?
Revo works; and does it almost flawlessly.
But Revo has been around for some time, it has close to one product, and it concentrates on it.
Comodo… well. I’d hope they would concentrate.

This is what I consider to be a focused enterprise
Brit born as well.

Nobody is suggesting adding a function, only to make CPM’s sole function–uninstalling software completely–more effective by eliminating a blind spot.

Piriform makes four disparate products–but I’m not implying that either company lacks focus.

Comodo’s products have a lot of overlapping expertise; i.e. the data gathered for CIS’ white list can also be used for CPM’s monitoring DB, which could in turn be used for CSC…