programs acting as servers

How do I make sure no program is acting as a server under Comodo? In ZA there is a programcontrol where each program can be ticked for trusted zone/internet zone and can be configured to act as

The help file under misc does not open when clicked. Nor does the scan system under defense. I have Vista

To make sure your applications are unable to act as a server, add a final global rule: block/ip/in/any/any/any. If you decide you want to make exceptions later for certain inbound connections, you can add "allow"s for specific items ahead of this rule.

For your other problems, a couple of things work for most Vista users: 1) try checking “run as an administrator” on the CFP shortcut, and close and open it. If that doesn’t work, 2) Go to control panel/user accounts and turn off UAC. There are still some leftever Vista issues to be fixed in future releases of CFP3. :slight_smile:

Can you tell me where CFP3 to do this from please? Thanks

Go to firewall tasks/advanced/network securtiy policy/global rules. You may already have the rule there as a result of setup; if not, add it.

OK have done that, hope it does not cause problems think svchost.exe needs server status, how do i allow just that?

Check the “log” box on that global rule and see if anything shows up as being blocked. You can then add rules to the various applications as required. I don’t have any “allow inbound” rules for svchost.

What and where do i enter to alow an xp home pc to connect to my vista home premium on a wireless LAN router. Thanks

OK i have now been able to recieve files from my xp on myb vista But the firewall alert asked if i wanted to receive connections from internet TCP from is my other PC on my home LAN behind a router why did i get asked to receive connections from internet? is normally the LAN address of your router, which is part of your internet network.

Hi sded
So i am not accepting connection from the internet as such just my side of the router? Thanks for prompt reply

Just as a note:
Some router models, even from the same manufacturer, could have as their address per default.
If that’s the case it’s OK with traffic from (davids other machine) because Windows always seek other machines in LAN in regular periods.