Programming Language hierarchy[7].gif

btw: i used to do assembly and C programming :slight_smile: (as well as C++)


Could anybody show a hierarchy of program languages from the most unstable to the most stable programming languages? I am wondering what that would look like…

That seems more relevant to me than a pissing match by clueless males about whose genitals are boasted to be biggest… :wink: >:-D


one would expect assembly language to be most stable because there is no interpretation where things go wrong.

I was thinking that this hierarchy may predict the best outcome.

Stable programmer :o → stable programming language —> stable code → stable operating system/platform

PS Back in the day, I used to program in machine language (only small subroutines), then assembly language. I was just a novice. I can remember programming a sprite routine from scratch. Now, all that is often built in to programming languages. We used to be so impressed when we made a single color, 4 frame animated, highly pixelated, 8-byte sprite move around the screen!

Just out of curiosity, what is the most user friendly and beginner oriented “serious” programming language, that apps can communicate and share information via network [say, LAN] but also not resource heavy?