Why do I need that?

I imported a profile w/out PrivDog being ‘installed’. It seems to work fine, i.e., the red number appears on the icon, etc.

Aside from the fact the aforementioned version is extremely outdated, PrivDog appears to function perfectly well in IceDragon v40.1.1.18 as a plug-in - v2.2.14 - and PrivDog not evident in WinXP add / remove programs list.

It seems to work. Except that the IceDragon add-on’s list shows PrivDog ‘not verified for use with IceDragon’

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Sounds like it assists - but is not necessary / required for plug-in functionality - and sas such is desirable / recommended to have installed as adjunct to the plug-in.

Looks like I’m golden; after updating IceDragon from v40.1.1.18 to v42.0.0.5 - with aforementioned version of PrivDog plug-in - I ran the PrivDog v2.0.0.39 setup and it looks like it installed AdtrustMedia v2.1.0.21.


I was perplexed by the fact that installation of the PrivDog service, i.e., AdTrustMedia - as opposed to the browser extension - installed such an old version; AdTrustMedia had previously updated itself to v2.2.x. So I downloaded PrivDog v4.0.27.0 from CNET - on account the PrivDog web-site being unavailable - and during installation it asked if v2.x shold be purged. I answered yes.

Now I have the folder %PROGRAMFILES%\AdTrustMedia\PrivDog[b][/b] and the extension installed in IceDragon is v2.2.0.14 (last updated 15 Nov 14)

It would seem that trustedadssvc.exe has been deprecated; it only exists in %PROGRAMFILES%\AdTrustMedia\PrivDog[b][/b] and the only other thing that lives there is magpie.dll. I don’t see it running, although, PrivDogServices.exe is in its stead. Based on CIS D+ alerts of resource name access requests by PrivDogServices for access rights to %SYSROOT32%\config\Systemprofile, I glean that PrivDogServices runs in the NT Authority/System namespace. AdTrustServices v2.x PrivDog operation never requested resource access name rights proprietary to such. Furthermore, there were previously configured D+ rules configured for PrivDog v2.x that referenced %USR_LOCAL_APPDATA%\PrivDog. The sole entity living there now is PrivDog_chrome.crx

Clearly PrivDog v4.0.27 is a completely different animal than v2.x