Program ran in containment does not fully complete setup

I want to run a program in a container. Specifically it’s called ClipGrab ( The setup program proceeds up to a point where it asks to start Clipb, but then nothing happens. I go to VTRoot Program files and try and start it from there. I then get a series of warnings that a python dll file is not found. However, I see that Python is actually installed as part of the setup program and the “missing” dll file is there. As a result the program does not run in the container. AM I doing something wrong?

On Windows 11 and CIS v.

Hi Kamada,

Sorry for the inconvenience, CIS V12.2.2.8012 has been released to be compatible with only Windows 7, 8 and 10.


Thank you for the information. Hopefully we’ll have a Windows 11 compatible version soon.

Because it doesn’t actually get installed properly in containment, as the container is very restrictive and has many compatibility issues with running applications fully virtualized. Also, the proper way to run an application that has been installed in containment, is to run a virtual instance of windows explorer, and browse to the install path within the contained instance of explorer.

Thank you, but when I install the program in a container and then start Windows Explorer using the Run Virtual icon, Windows Explorer doesn’t allow me access to the VTRoot directory.

On my end ClipGrab installs and runs in containment ok. ClipGrab installation and ClipGrab first run (some setup is done) take quite a while to finish. Also, during ClipGrab install and run ClipGrab asks for a lot of internet connections which have to be granted.
I’ve downloaded a YT clip with ClipGrab as a test, all works nicely from within containment.

Is this on Windows 11?

Sorry I forgot to mention that, it’s on Winodws 7 64-bit.

But maybe give it another try on Winodws 11 and just wait a bit longer while installing ClipGrab and running it first time, it takes quite some time on my machine before it runs in containment.

Thanks. I’ll try it again and give it some time to start working.