Program on virtual drive considered new every time it is accessed

I have a virtual drive on my hard drive, which when mounted and decrypted becomes drive T. On this virtual drive is one .exe. file, and a lot of data. EVERY time I mount drive T and run the .exe file, Comodo tells me that the program is not recognized, plus two other alerts, the last being that the program is trying to access the internet. I have the “remember my answer” box checked in the alert popup, but I still have to give three OKs to the same program every day. Any solution to this?


If I remember correctly rules for files on removable drives are not saved. After the drive is disconnected the rules are removed. I suppose this must also apply to virtual drives.

I could be wrong. Can someone else please comment?

I would say the same, Chiron. This is most probably the case being experienced here.
I would suggest moving the .exe file to a non-virtual HDD.

A software like Hitachi microfilter, “fixing” a removable drive, maybe could do the job if able to apply to a virtual one.

I am using TrueCrypt to have an encrypted drive, and am having the same problems. The drive is not detected as a removable media (that is an option in TrueCrypt but I have it turned off) but it doesn’t seem to remember the rules anyway.
Somewhat frustrating.

CIS does not remember rules made for all “mounted devices”. With mounted devices think about:

  • USB sticks
  • encrypted disks
  • external hard drives
  • ldrives on the local network
  • place to fill in a scenario I forgot about…:wink:

The logic behind this is that CIS cannot continuously monitor these drives/USB sticks. These devices may get disconnected. In the time between disconnection and connecting again anything could happen. That’s why they are not considered safe and rules are not remembered.

You may find this is fixed in v5 :slight_smile:

Best wishes


Mike said “You may find this fixed in Version 5.”

It isn’t.

-dan z-