Program Manager 2

I installed the new version today (version 2). It seems a lot faster for starters, but I notice that on uninstalling something, it goes straight through the clean up stage with no option to view the registry entries etc before cleaning.
Is this a bug or an oversight? To me it’s an essential part of the process.

That would be something to post in the Beta form not this one because ver. 2 is still in Beta. So your questions will be better answered there then in here. :slight_smile:

Thanks, and apologies. I only signed up a couple of days ago so still finding my way around.

On the topic of the clean-up stage, however, I discovered that if I’m uninstalling a program which was monitored by CPM during its install, then I do get to view the registry and file entries before finishing the clean-up. When uninstalling a program which wasn’t monitored by CPM, then there seems to be no option to view.
Is this in fact how it should work…? Does CPM do any clean-up after the uninstallation of non-monitored programs?

A great app anyway, and much improved in this version. Many thanks.