Program installations with Comodo Firewall 3

I use SeaMonkey as an alternative browser to IE7, the former sometimes better with downloads from certain web sites. There happened to be an update that I downloaded and then installed earlier today. I was surprised by the sheer number of approvals to which I was forced to agree. Every directory, DLL, EXE, INI file and others, somewhere over 40 I believe. Not only was approval sought once for each such component, but some components appeared 4 or more times, requiring further approval for each appearance. This caused an installation that should have taken around a minute to occupy my attention for more than 15 minutes. It is just as well that I was not installing something large and complex.

I have used other firewalls, and several anti-virus and anti-spyware applications in the past and at present, and installed a prior update for SeaMonkey a day or two prior to installing Comodo which required just one approval, and have no recollection of any requiring as many approvals for any application as Comodo in this instance.

I appreciate that Comodo is in a learning phase, but is this standard?

Hi claptonian - The problem can be easily fixed. The installer will pop up “Allow” messages when t starts. On the pop-up there is a choice below “Allow” for “Treat program as…” and a drop-down to the right of that. You should see “Installer” as one of the options. (make sure that it is the installer and not Explorer.exe that caused the pop-up). You will then be given the option to go into “Installation Mode”. As long as the installer is the only program running, you will see no more alerts until the reminder dialog pops up to remind you to switch back to the previous mode for better security. If you are not done yet, you can ignore the reminder or dismiss it. Once complete, use the next reminder to select “Previous Mode” to return to the former security level.