Program Does Not Start When Booting Up

Hello all.

For some reason the program does not start automatically when Windows boots up. I tried adding the start icon the the start up registry, but this does not work. I can not find anywhere in the program to controll this either.

Can someone please help me and tell me how to get the program to start automatically?? It is a hassle to have to start it every time I get on the computer and sometimes I forget or my roomates dont do it, so this could be quite dangerous.

Thanks for the help everyone.

Hi jpalme5 and welcome to the forum
Has this problem just started or has it been there since install?

I tried adding the start icon the the start up registry

By this I am assuming you mean the windows “startup folder”. If so, that will not work so delete the icon.

Restart your computer and without starting comodo manually, bring up the Windows Task Manager
“ctrl alt del” and click the “Processes Tab”.
Let us know if these processes are running

Have you tried an uninstall and reinstall of comodo. When installing software such as a firewall it is a good idea to at least disable any anti-vir during the install to be on the safe side. Are you running any other resident shield software such as anti malware or registry locking software.
Probably wouldn’t hurt to do a spyware check on your system.

Here’s a thread that should answer your question.,6515.0.html

Hi ,I’ve a similar problem, Comodo does not start on start-up & I’m confused what to do next to ensure this happens,. I’ve gone into Program, per,6515.0.html, & as instructed by Soya,

‘Go to the Start menu > Run > enter: msconfig. Go the Startup tab and see if CPF - “C:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall\CPF.exe” / background … entry is enabled. Check to enable it. It should be like this by default to autostart the firewall on each Windows boot.’

How do i enable this?

Hi VicNar and welcome to the forums
If the entry exists in msconfig startup- tick to enable-apply-ok and reboot. This will then put in the appropraite registry entry.
In thread,6515.0.html

beck in his reply,6515.msg48296.html#msg48296
found a blank entry in startup. For some reason the installation couldn’t, or didn’t put in the autostart registry string.
beck entered the string manually into the registry using the registry editor.
This kind of operation is not normally done by your average user. Before attempting any registry modifications always backup the registry and set restore point. If you do damage the registry you will more than likely be in for a long night restoring everything.
Are you comfortable with registry edit?
All care taken but no responsibilty accepted
Sorry nearly forgot the string
Open regedit
Navigate to
You will see your other startup programs listed in the right pane
Right click in a blank area of the right pane.
Choose New- String Value from the menu
The name for the new value is
COMODO Firewall Pro
Click in blank area. You should now have new entry as above.
Right click on the comodo entry and choose Modify
The entry in Value data needs to look exactly like this (not bold of course) including quote marks
“C:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall\CPF.exe” /background
Close, pray and reboot

Here’s another one (that’s recent):,7557.0.html

The search guru does it again.
That would have saved me 5 mins of hunt and peck typing.

Could you let us know if you resolve the problem.