Progess bar

This is from the help file. Show Scanning progress - When this check box is selected, a progress bar is displayed on start of a scheduled scan. I have not seen any bar and I have two scheduled scans one on Wednesday (a critical area scan) and the default my computer scan on Sunday. I have yet to see any sort of progress bar whatsoever. Is it just me? What is it I am supposed to see if it is just me?

Hi Patrice58,

I believe they are referring to the window with the animated magnifying glass and the file names whizzing by.

I agree with you, better wording is in order for Help file.

Something like Scanning Progress Window.
Progress Bar, being a misnomer.


Oh is that what it is? I thought it would be a proper bar with 100 per cent and a icon showing how far or near you where to the end of your scan. If that makes sense at one end 0 per cent and at the other 100.

That is exactly what “progress bar” means to me too.

So definitely, a poor choice of words in Help file.


Avast has a “real” progress bar sigh I miss Avast. (For certain things like number 1 and 3 in this list’s-top-5-hidden-gems/

It does not have a “bar” and does however have a number icon which tells you how much is done in per cent. so from 0 per cent to 10 per cent and so on.