profile problems

Running v

trying to set up a new daily backup and following these steps:

[ol]- create a backup

  • Select the files and click next
  • Select the drive i want to backup too - USB drive
  • Set up a password and AES encryption
  • Click save
  • Set up schedule to Daily at 01:00:00 and save
  • A new profile is created
  • i check the schedule and its defaulted to the time now and run once only
  • Calendar shows only set to backup in 14 hours on todays date and nothing else on subsequent days
  • Backup never runs[/ol]

what am i doing wrong?
thanks for any help

I had the same problem and found out what CB is NOT setting up correctly in task scheduler.

Create the scheduled task like you did.
Open windows task scheduler and find the scheduled task you just created.
Look at the “permissions”. What I found was the permission was administrator only.
Check the properties for the task and under "security options’, click on “change user or group”.
Click on “advanced”.
Click on “find now”.
find administrator under Name colum, and find your computer name in the “in folder” list and select it.
Click Ok, Ok, Ok and make sure that whole string is in the “… following account” box. Mine is now “willysse…/willysse…” and WAS “willysse…”
Test it out by selecting “run now”.
Also, select the history tab and see what the error is. Mine was “failed to launch”.