Profile Detection Failed

Since installing BOC, I get the below message during the boot process for Win XP,

Profile Detection Failed
RC:-4;Code:0 ( The Operation Completed Successfully )

Once I click ok the boot finishes. Uninstalled BOC and cleaned the registery and the dialog still occurs
during the boot process.

How can I get rid of the dialog?


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Are you running Speed Switch?

Hi Cat … oddly enough SpeedSwitch XP is installed but is not being loaded at startup, as far as I know.

I can uninstall SpeedSwitch and see what happens. As it is, BOC is uninstalled and I would rather use BOC to be honest. The laptop is an HP with an AMD cpu.


I just uninstalled SpeedSwitch XP and rebooted. The dialog box nolonger appears so that problem has been fixed. Is there a way to make BOC and SpeedSwitch co-habitate nicely?

I’m not familiar with the product… it looks to be third party over/under clocking software.
You might try adding it to CBOC’s excluder to see if that helps.