Professional Keylogger Needed

Er, um well I need a professional free keylogger to put on our kids computer, because I think they are trying to mess it up and I need to know what they are doing.

So, does anyone know of a free keylogger (that isn’t malware) that can:

  • Stay Hidden
  • Only be accessed with a password, and can only be uninstalled with one too
  • Will send the report remotely by email, or something like that.
  • And is free. But if you don’t know of a good free one, tell me one that costs money, because I might still pay for it.


Google … 88)


This whole time since I started this topic I have been searching for it with google, but I cannot find something that sends reports by email. The ones you just posted cannot send by email either. I need something that can email reports and/or let me access the computer remotely and see the reports; for free.

Jeremy… Don’t go down that path my friend :frowning: You will end up with an infection…

In your profile you are 19 years old and I think you don’t need e-mail sending “feature” if they are your kids PCs …


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That’s gold!!

(:TNG) I can never trust what someone says their age is. (:TNG) One time I was 58, another time I was 34. Yet another time I was 102. (:TNG) (:TNG) (:TNG)

I’m sure you don’t haw kids and you are not older then 19+ that can I say for sure.

V7chy :P0l

But if you are so insistent, maybe it is to monitor my younger brother, who likes to…

You don’t have to lie here mate… We are all friends (:HUG) Should just tell us what it’s really for… Providing that it isn’t to be installed on someone elses machine without their permission…

We’ve all done silly things before… I’m just giving a litte nudge, Telling you that you will probably be the one that will end up in trouble :frowning:

jeremysbost I see you like spying :stuck_out_tongue:

Quote from your signature:

V7chy :P0l O0

Ok ok. I’m often away (college and all that >:(), and my younger brother seems to like going around and installing junk on our family computer. I ask him where he gets all that junk, but he won’t tell me. So I was wanting a keylogger to see where he gets it. Then I can block it with the HOSTS file (I can access that computer remotely with another free program). But there are also some other reasons that I don’t care to tell (family secrets).

Have you forgotten that you’ve told me how old you are on msn? 88)

Gana is going to consume this thread into his mega spam thread (:NRD)

Oh MSN…which age did I tell you??

You said to me you were 13 or 14 (:TNG)

tch, poor liar, you need to learn from the expert. (:HUG)
ehm, jeremysbost, i think maybe it’s wise for you to close this thread? ??? err the fact that you ask for “malware” 88)
let’s stop before someone post a link to malware site :-La

I did? Oh, I forgot.

Some keyloggers don’t install malware too…


I agree with Ganda. Keyloggers can be considdered as Malware, and this topic as a violation of the Forum Rules :-\

Greetz, Red.