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Which product would you recommend for me to use on my Windows 10 PC as well as my iPAD and Android phone?

Thank you

PS - Sorry if it’s in the wrong forum section, i’m new here.

Of course, first for my PC I use comodo, adware and Malwarebytes (free).

Concerning IPAD and Android I’m not shure. On my IPAd (Android) I installed Malwarebytes, too (but now Malwarbyte has his politics changed, as I seems, so I don’t have anymore it) and comodo (but don’t know, how sure it is). But I’m a little paranoid concernig security.
From time to time I use hitman pro (free) and eset online scanner (free, too) to check my PC. None of the programmes found anything after examinations, besides e.g. PUP.

Concerning your question about Android I highly recommend Sophos Intercept X (blue icon) 100% FREE and it has more features than MOST paid apps AV and I’ve used them for years and they are a reputable IT Company in the UK who mainly cater for companies on Windows but they have a FREE product on Android. Top scores on AV tests and you go thru all the essential setting up to start with allowing permissions to protect everything and once you’ve done that you will be very surprised at the large array of top notch features all for FREE. Sophos is a well known company but their FREE android app gets rarely mentioned by the competitors as they often give more than the paid ones. Give it a whirl, love it or not it’s pristine. I understand this thread is old BUT there seems to be a serious lack of replies on Comodo Forums to genuine questions. Have a fabulous week ahead :slight_smile:

I agree with Gabby3xL with Sophos Intercept X as not only it is free, its features are very useful and also convenient