Processor usage spikes to 100%

An hour ago, I updated to 2.4 from 2.3, and ever since, CPF is causing relatively regular processor usage spikes, as seen here:

As you can see from the attached log, I’m on a windows network that is continuously trying to get a list of my shares, and also a UPnP router (.0.6) that is polling my computer for whatever reason.

I think every time one of these things happen, my processor usage goes up. This is not the case when I close CPF.

After realizing this, I enabled IPs in the LAN to access my shares, and this has reduced the spikes a bit, but I still get them when the UPnP router tries to connect to me.

A firewall shouldn’t take this many system resources when blocking a connection. What’s wrong in my case? Any help appreciated!

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi. Please see my post, which is probably about the same issue.