problems with windows control panel + personalization

I have Comodo v.3 installed on Win Vista Home Premium. I altered settings on Comodo to Custom Policy on Network Defense and Safe Mode on Computer Defense.

When I go to try going to Windows Control Panel it does not load. If I click on it through Start (it is supposed to expand), it says empty. And if I right click control panel and click open, it begins to load the window, but then disappears.

Also when I right click the desktop and click on Personalize, the cursor just has a process circle and nothing loads.

I tried changing settings to lower security settings on both Network and Computer Defense but nothing seems to change it. Also in Computer Security Policy, control.exe is enabled access as well as other Windows apps such as dllhost.exe, rundll32.exe, and other system apps.

Please tell me what I can do on Comodo to fix these issues. Thanks.