Problems with SMB and NFS shares


I’ve been trying to set up a networked system for my media files to play on the Popcorn Hour A-110, which is connected to the same router as my desktop computer. I have been able to set up both SMB and NFS shares on the desktop PC and they all show up just fine on the PCH when using its built-in network browser.

However, for some reason some shared folders cannot be opened or if I get to see the list of contents, the media files refuse to play and the situation looks like the PC doesn’t want to send any data out to the PCH.

If I disable Comodo Firewall, everything works correctly. I have set rules for the local IP addresses and the rules say that all in/out traffic between the LAN clients will be allowed. The log file doesn’t show any blocked packet info regarding the IP of my computer or the PCH when these problems occur. Also the SMB or NFS streamed content does not show up in the active connections list, at least the amount of network traffic is nowhere to be seen.

Streaming using HTTP works fine with Comodo (using llink as the HTTP server on my computer). The amount of network traffic between the PC and PCH is shown and calculated correctly.

Can anyone give any advice where to start looking at next? I’m definitely at my wits end here…

Can you show screenshots of your Global Rules (Firewall -->Advanced → Network Security Policy) and firewall logs (Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall Events)?

Continued from here:

SMB shares work now just fine as well as TCP and UDP traffic inside my LAN. However, NFS shares still don’t work correctly if Comodo Firewall is active (I have it in Safe Mode). I found out a weird thing - at least in one case the amount of files inside a shared folder affects the issue.

I have one folder which refuses to open in my PCH. The folder contains seven files, there’s two VOBs and a few other files. If I move any file from that folder elsewhere, the folder opens just fine! If I put any file back there, it refuses to open again. There are no problems if I disable the firewall, and there are no log entries regarding blocked connection attempts when the problem occurs.

Do you have any ideas what to do next?