Problems with RocketDock (resolved)

Applies to:

COMODO Firewall 3.11.108364.552
RocketDock 1.3.5
Wndows XP SP3
Regular non-admin user account


If I turn Defense level to anything other than “Disabled”, RocketDock becomes unresponsive.

  1. If RocketDock is already running before I switch from “Disabled”, then RocketDock’s animations work but launching another application results in an error concerning lack of permissions.
  2. If it is not already running, then the RocketDock’s animations cease to work and trying to launch another application has no effect. Note that I can still use the right mouse button to access certain of RocketDocks’s configuration commands.

In either case, there are lots of warnings in the event log (see attached picture). I’ve tried adding RocketDock’s executable to “My Own Safe Files” and “New Trusted Application” with no luck.

Thanks for the help.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Nevermind. At some point I selected “Isolated Application” instead of “Trusted Application”. My mistake.