Problems with Parent Injection Leak Test Suite

Hello, i hope i posted corectly. First of all (V) i`m not very good at computers and i need a little help. I instaled comodo firewall and it works great but i have one small problem. When i tooked the Comodo Parent Injection Leak Test Suite it sayd something like this "Your firewall didn’t pass the test and transmitted information to our website.
You typed: Your firewall has leaked
This time it was useless information - next time it could be your credit card number or other sensitive data being passed to a hacker.

Comodo Firewall Pro is the only firewall to pass all three Comodo Parent Injection Leak Tests with its default settings."
Im using comodo and i dont know why im reciving this thing. And also i whana ask you what to ask what protection should i use [ at ] comodo? Normal protection or that one with defence+ and other things(but im not very good [ at ] computers and i don`t know what should i configure there)…if you can give me a link where i can learn to setup my firewall for best performance that will be also great!

Thanks in advance ! (:HUG) (M)