Problems with Office 2007

I’ve got some problem with Comodo Antivirus: when “On-Access Scanner” is enabled, I can’t save any Microsoft Office 2007 document.
When I try to save, MSOffice displays an error message telling that there’s a “violation of sharing”, and suggesting to disable my anrivirus.
If I exit Comodo Antivirus, or disable “On-Access Scanner”, I can normally save the document.
Can you please tell me how to avoid this problem?
Thank you very much,

Attilio Sidoti

Hi djizzih, unfortunately this is a very well known bug. Also unfortunate, it seems to best way to fix this problem is to follow Microsofts advice and disable the on access scanner. As of now I don’t believe anyone has found a successful work around. Right now Comodo is focusing it’s antivirus development team on Comodo Antivirus 3 and therefore, they have stopped development of CAVS 2. Please stay tuned though as CAVS 3 is due out within the next few weeks and this free antivirus will be even better, hopefully fixing this bug as well.

Thanks so much for your support of CAVS!