Problems with Firefox 3.6

Hello, I was trying to send fax with Firefox 3.6 (Mac), but got stuck with this window (see attachment).

-No folder
-Pressing “Upload” did not do a thing…

Any Help?

EDIT: Also when I was trying to get a phone-number from my address-book, “Fax to” didn’t work after checking the recipient…


[attachment deleted by admin]

The latest update by firefox to 3.6 has caused problems with the trustfax as well as many other well knowns sites. Trustfax is not able to create a work around to the firefox caused problem at this time.
Suggest that you use Internet Explorer or safari . Or you can unistall version 3.6 and install the working version of firefox 3.5.7.
go here to find the 3.5.7 firefox download:

Hello, just to inform you that safari does not work either. When trying to upload doc from my computer, “Choose file”-button does not do a thing…Safari 4.0.4.


Seems to work now, thanks :-TU