Problems with DMS

After upgrading from v3.0.22.349 to v3.0.23.364 or any other newer version, I got problems with my Document Management System. It is EloOffice from Leitz. The OCR ingetrated in this product produces the following error:

809GD: [Hummingbird][SearchServer]Text reader error : Open/Convert document failed.
[ELOFR:10053] TCP connect failed in tcp_connect()

All was working fine with v3.0.22. It might be a hint to tell you that I got the same problems before I installed Windows Vista Service Pack 1.

Hi globs, welcome to the forums.

Unfortunately, I probably cannot help you myself (I don’t know Vista or EloOffice), but I can move your topic to correct section where it will get better exposure.

You might want to check CFPs Logs for any related entries to the tcp_connect() error & confirm that you have tried the latest version of CFP ( Thanks.

All versions from v3.0.12 till v3.0.22 are working. Starting with v3.0.23 till v3.0.25 they are not working! Even when I log the OCR software in the Comodo firewall, no firewall event shows up! It seems to me that when you switched from v3.0.22 to v3.0.23, you did change some system calls or maybe replaced some DLLs?

Is nobody from Comodo reading this thread and can give a little support?

Use v 3.0.22 for now.

Some body will get back to you ASAP.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Maybe not, only members who got that software could be able to give some useful hints.

But I guess it could be useful to narrow down the issue with CFP 3.0.25.
The first thing is to know what part of CFP could be causing this.

If you set Defense+ to disable does this issue disappear?

If so you can further narrow down the issue disabling/enabling specific D+ monitor settings (pic attached).

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