Problems With DC++ [Resolved?]

Can connect to hubs just fine, can upload just fine, but ZERO download connectivity. Tried several different clients. This issue has got to be fixed somehow, or it’s a complete no-go for me :cry:

BTW, that’s with the application set to allow ALL connectivity (including invisible ones) and tried both skip parent and specify a parent. Still no download connectivity at all. All other net activity seems fine.

— DeathStalker

Which Comodo product does this relate to?

My apologies, should have been more specific. The Personal Firewall - both the current released version and the new Beta

Also noticed with the Anti-Virus, if the On Access is turned on - even with the filelist and Unfinished Files directories set in EXCLUDE, it slows down the application (and basically the whole system) tremendously. I did not experience these issues with AVG, fwiw.

Hmm, 3 days now and not a single reply. Does not give me any confidence in a new company or product. Free is useless if the product(s) does not do what is needed. Even more useless when a company does not respond to an issue.

It’s a shame - I had high hopes based on the reviews I read.


Did you send this to the support team?

Requests for customer support need to be emailed to support.
The forum is a useful place for people to help each other, but if support is
required from our customer support team then the forum is not the right place.

Garry Bickerton
Head of Global Support and Customer Care Manager

Ok, no I didn’t - thought that was what the forum was for. I will do so.

CPF blocks all incoming connections by default. Disable that rule in ‘network monitor’ and DC++ should run just fine (With that rule on you must use passive mode, not exactly ideal for DC).

BTW: It took me some time to figure that out too. In my opinion that rule shouldn’t be there. If i allow incoming connections for some app i expect it to allow them, not to be overriden by some hidden super-rule.

Woah, stop, do not do that at all, or you might as well hook your PC straight to your internet connection without any form of firewall. If you need more info on Network rules, please check the How To - Understanding & Creating Network Control Rules properly.

DeathStalker77, What is DC++ like? Bittorrent? Sorry, I have no knowledge of what DC++ is exactly.

I decided to make a tutorial for DC++. I would have done it ages ago but I just don’t like the direct connect network. ;D

DC++ and similar Direct connect clients tutorial,1414.0.html

Awesome job pandlouk!

Pandlouk: Excellent, tx! Added to FAQ.

Interesting, GRC ShieldsUp shows that all ports are closed even without that rule. But i’m not expert, maybe there’s something i’m missing. I better set it up according to that tutorial. THX pandlouk :slight_smile:

If you have a router, the test you ran tested your router.

Nope, i don’t have router.
It looks like CPF is stealthing ports by defaut (if no rule applies). That’s a good thing. However it still reply to ICMP pings. So having network control rule blocking ICMP ECHO is enough. Then again, maybe i’m missing something ???

EDIT: Is there any way to give app rule higher priority than one from network monitor? Would be very useful for situations like this.

Hey mookie,

Unfortunately an application rule cannot take a higher priority than a network rule, as it is further up the “food chain”. App rules look at WHAT is trying to get out. After this inspection, the network monitor rules examine HOW it is trying to get out.

As transmission of the data is the last step, it must be the last check.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Yes, i understand now, thanks a lot :slight_smile: