problems with crashing email clients after automatic update [CLOSED]

I am using comodo firewall, antivirus and secure email on an Athlon xp 2400+ 2.01 ghz computer with 768mb RAM,
after an automatic update I noticed my email clients (outlook 2003 and outlook express) both closed down with an unexplained error shortly after downloading my emails. my event viewer application logs had an error

“faulting appplication msimn.exe (version number), faulting module cemlsp.dll version fault address 0x0004c810” I tracked down the .dll file to the comodo secure email application, I have now uninstalled secure email and my email clients are working normally.

Has any one else had this happen? do comodo know of this issue? and will there be a patch or update to correct this?


Hi, there has been a couple of updates since you posted your message. Please try the latest version and advise if there is still an issue.


Subsequent releases since original post back in Feb 09.

Topic closed and marked RESOLVED as user not messaged back since.

Please PM an online Mod if you need it re-opening.