problems with CPF Beta

I’m finding that CPF beta is not remembering rules at times. I’m having particular trouble with windows live mesenger and mailwasher pro. Also noticed that when CPF ‘block all’ is on then having changed to ‘custom’ windows live messenger wont sign in yet all other programs seem to run ok. Upon reboot I can sign into windows live messenger.

I deleted windows live messenger and mailwasher pro from CPF application monitor and then readmitted them when prompted by CPF and it seems to have resolved all the above issues.
However another problem I’ve just encountered, I uninstalled windows live messenger but an error message came up when I tried to install msn messenger 7.5 basically saying that I didnt have the correct privilages ( I’m logged on as the administrator on windows xp pro) upon reboot the install of msn messenger 7.5 went smoothly with no error message. I suspect its CPF as I have swapped versions of messenger before without CPF being on my system without any problems.

It can be. CPF seems to lock some directories. A reboot should solve the issue though.