Problems with Comodo Windows Tweaker Beta

Hi everyone!

This is my first post and i am sorry that it has to be a negative one…i downloaded and used the “Comodo Clean” and didn’t realize it was in a beta stage as i had downloaded just the stand alone Comodo registry cleaner a couple of weeks before and loved it…it found a tonne of stuff!..but needless to say i downloaded the new ‘tweaker’ with all the tools on a production machine…actually my home office computer…you know the one with all the family pictures, the email contact lists and other information that one tends to store on their pc’s…i ran the new ‘Comodo Clean’ and it totally fried my computer it basically ate the windows system32 folder and i couldn’t turn my machine on after i ran it…stupid me i used the restore CD that came with my computer and it had two options 1) restore and 2) format…i thought i was being smart and i chose to restore…needless to say that after $400 and two different computer shops i still don’t have my microsoft outlook contact list (our only contact info of alot of people), and a bunch of pictures that didn’t transfer properly with whatever recovery programs those guys used…

I am not blaming comodo as it was a beta product and i am sure it will be awesome once out of beta stages but man that was not cool at all… (:SAD)

On another note i do like the new CIS although the Defence + is a little chatty and it really annoys my wife as she doesn’t know what to make of it!.. (:LGH)

Hey ryanman… Yes there is a problem with “Privacy cleaner” in the Tweaker that causes windows to crash. It’s been reported in the bug reports thread.

Sorry to hear you lost alot of stuff :frowning:

Ya it sucked but i guess i should look closer to see if something is in a beta stage next time! (:KWL)