Problems with Comodo Cleaning Essentials.

I have a problem with Comodo Cleaning Essentials. I downloaded the latest version. First, very long to update the virus database, but in the end it worked out. I did a full scan but after a while instead of the interface CCE it did a black screen and the program has been frozen. I had to reboot my computer. Please help because right now the program for me is completely useless. Thank you in advance. :wink:

Hai bro! :slight_smile:
Care to share:
1: System Specs
2: Windows OS, fully patched to latest updates or not?
3: Background programs and/or security programs/suites
4: What settings did you use for cleaning?
5: Do you suspect you are infected or it was just a “test drive”

Windows Vista full updated, CIS 2011 Complete, and it was just “test drive”. No background programs and I have got everything in factory settings.

Are GPU drivers up to date, and virtual memory set to unlimited?
I suspect the pc was overloaded with scanning or something like that, black window usually is a sign of that…

I will try a CCE full scan once again. Maybe this time everything will be ok. If not - then I will use CCE no more. Then Comodo Cleaning Essential will be useless ■■■■ for me. :-TD
I hope not.
Thank You for help.

If you still have issues, wait for someone to respond here, initiate geekbuddy connection with a Comodo tech or I could try to troubleshoot it with Teamviewer tonight in 4-5 hours…