Problems with Code Signing MSI and setup file

I have a Code Signing certificate that I’ve exported to a PFX file.

I have a C# application that accesses Quickbooks.

I have created a Setup project in Visual Studio 2015. This creates an MSI file and and a setup.exe file in the release directory.

I used the Ksign tool to identify the Release directory and use my PFX file to sign the Setup.exe and MSI file. It says everything is signed.

I run the Setup.exe and it identifies my certificate credentials indicating this is a signed application.

I then launch the installed application from the Windows start menu. It starts fine and finds the Quickbooks company file.

Quickbooks will open a window asking if the application should be allowed to access the company file. This window is showing that there is NO CERTIFICATE for the application. I’ve tried to find a solution and have been stumped on this for almost 2 days now. How can I get the installed EXE file from the MSI installer signed? I am completely stumped and am probably missing something so simple that everyone know it already. Any help would be appreciated.

Dave Bernhardt