Problems when using CIS 4.xx BETA

Hi all :-TU. Yesterday I’ve installed CIS 4.0.664.127486 Beta on my Windows 7 x64 and found a lot of troubles. :frowning:

  1. CIS doesn’t create the rules, even if check-boxes 1. “Defense±>Advanced->Defense+ Settings-> Create rules for safe applications” and 2. “Firewall->Advanced-Firewall Behavior Settings-> Create rules for safe applications” are marked (Defense+ and Firewall turned into Safe Mode).
  2. It doesn’t save option “Firewall->Advanced-Firewall Behavior Settings-> Create rules for safe applications” ( I founded that after rebooting my computer).
  3. Some applications can’t work with CIS (TeraCopy, Punto Switcher, etc) even if rules in Computer Security Policy were created manually and I placed programs into Trusted Application. This happens even if Firewall, Defense+, [Sandbox] were turned into Disabled
  4. In uTorrent I use port which doesn’t seem to open when I check[i]my_port[/i] but in uTorrent there is a green tick.
  5. Some applications work without requests to create rules. I see them in traffic activity but none in Network Security Policy nor Computer Security Policy (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera but for Internet Explorer creates rules and I see alerts)

After all everything is all right in CIS 3.;msg364739#new

I’m not having any issues with TeraCopy on v4 beta… Sandbox = Disabled, Defense+ = Paranoid
What’s the problem you are experiencing with TeraCopy?