Problems since Update

Since the last major update I have few problems with Comodo Firewall: It’s only monitoring loopback connections (, nothing else. Not matter whether I’m using a windows dial-up connection or a router. I even tried a clean install. Let me give you an example: I use a program that acts as a local mail server (to filter spam), my mail program collects email via loopback from that server and the server acutally connects to the internet. Comodo only asks whether I want to allow the mail programm to connect to but doesn’t recognize the connection of the mail server. Same goes for firefox: it asks whether to allow to connect to but leaves everything else untouched.
Any ideas where I went wrong? Help is greatly appreciated.

What is the destination port it asks or logs?

This sounds like there is no communication between your PC and your modem/router.

Did CIS detect your modem/router when you installed it? If so, did you ALLOW this connection?

Can you make sure MISCELLANEOUS → SETTINGS → GENERAL → Autmoatically detect new networks" IS selected. If not, select it.

Ewen :slight_smile: