Problems related to an update and CFP shut down

Today CFP v3 had an auto-update. It downloaded it fine. It then demanded me to restart the system (claimed that “settings changed” or something like that). Wnating I finish what I was doind, I declined the offer to restart the computer straight away. I continued surfing without problem. Then, I suddenly discovered that CFP was shut down! It disappeared from the taskbar, and even in WinPatrol it was gone. So far I know, this has never happened before. How could it happen?

Anyway, I quickly closed down the network connection and restarted the computer manually. When it had restarted, the window of changed settings and a demand to restart re-appeared. I accepted the proposal, it restarted again, and after that everything seems to function quite normal, except that Defense+ seems to have to relearn a lot of stuff.

Based on these strange incidents, can it be safe to assume that no malware was involved? And is there any way I can test that the firewall and Defense+ are really protecting my computer, and not just giving a false sense of security?

Also, there is an option in the Defense+ category known as “Scan My System”, which I haven’t noticed before (is that one new, fresh from the recent update?). However, when I click on it, nothing happens.

This kinda scared me, especially that CFP shut down… :frowning:

When a program tells you to restart, it usually means it has not completed installation. There are some items that can’t be installed with all the programs up and running. But running with a combination of old and new sometimes doesn’t work right for very long, so the program may crash. Sounds like that is what happened to you. If eveything seems fine now, should be OK. “Scan My System” is a new feature that allows you to use an on-demand scanner from Comodo to check for malware. It will not interfere with your normal AV/AntiSpyware, so you should probably run it so you feel comfortable that your system is clean. There have been reports of a few false positives with this preliminary version, but Comodo plans to upgrade it in the future. :slight_smile:

Ok thanks, though I didn’t write that the computer crashed, just that CFP was suddenly shut down.

As for the Scan My System, the problem is that when I click on it, nothing happens. No window appears, nothing.

I also discovered in About that my Serial # is “Invalid License!” ???


Are you using Vista? Try turning UAC off and see if that fixes your problems. Or some have ha success with checking “run as an administrator” on the CFP3 shortcut and restarting.

Yes, I’m using Vista.

How about the invalid serial? And what does that mean in practice? Does it reduce my security in any way? May it bring problems?

And how did it occur in the first place? ???

You can try a reinstall to see if the SN changes. But since it isn’t used for anything, why bother yet? I don’t know what in the install caused it to be invalid.