Problems on XP after updates installed

I’m currently running v3.9.95478.509 on an XP box running Avast, with 3 admin users. When I did the most recent update it all seemed to work fine, but when I reboot the Comodo icon doesn’t appear in my startup taskbar, though it appears to be running. If I cllck on the Comodo desktop icon it will then appear in the tray. And for some odd reason I have now also lost the startup tray task bar arrow after the update install.

Also, the entire initialization process seems to have tripled. Is this normal? Is there something I can do to fix this?

Problems with the systray are Windows related rather then Comodo related: . See if these guidelines are of any help.

Is That All The System Tray Icons Are Missing Or Only Some Icons Along With CIS ?.
If Its Not All Then You Can Msconfig, Whether Its Been Disabled Loading At The Startup.
Go to start, run and type in MSCONFIG. Click the startup tab. Find Whether The Checkmark Is In the box To Load CIS At Startup. If Not Enable It, Restart The PC And Check