Problems Downloading Comodo Antivirus

I’m been trying to download Comodo Antivirus 2.0 Beta but each time it starts downloading
stops midway through. I’ve tried about 10 times. It stops download at various percentage of
downloading, 5%, 54% 22%, the nearest it got before stopping was at 85% download.

I have tried downloading in Open and Save options but no difference.

Each time it stops downloading, the only way I can cancel the download to regain computer functions
is by closing my computer down and restarting. If I click close on download a dialogue box appears
that states cannot close due to it being debugged, resume or cancel debugging. I have also had
trouble closing computer down and have had to resort to switching computer off manually as clicking
restart or close down on Start will not execute the command.

I have Comodo Firewall Pro on my computer and also SuperAntiSpyware and have tried closing these
down when trying to download Comodo Antivirus 2.0 Beta, but still no difference.

I use Windows 2000 Professional and have adequate space on my hardrive.

After trying some 10 times and having to carry out same procedure described above it’s becoming

Any advise or suggestions on what might solve the problem I’m having would be gratefully appreciated.

Try downloading it from another place for example from here -

Hi , personaly I wouldn’t bother trying to d/l CAV2 beta because this is now an obselete version with no more work in progress on it. CAVS3 is due out very very soon (sometime in July) and will be 100% better than CAV2. For now just d/l the free AVG8 or free Avira until CAVS3 is released. :SMLR

Just looked again at your post and noticed you use windows 2000 pro - not sure if CAVS3 will work on this?? maybe somebody could elaborate? :SMLR

CAVS 2 will work on Windows 2000. If the guy wan’t to try - why not ! Try and test it. If you like it - keep it till CAVS 3 arrives, if not - get Avira, Avast ot AVG (All of them are Free)

The CEO of Comodo isn’t even happy with the CAVS 2 Engine. But hey… As told before, If you want to test it & you like it, go for it!

But I warn you… It doesn’t have a strong engine & detection rate (Quite poor). Plus CAVS 2 development has completely come to a stop, The Dev team haven’t looked at it ONCE for about 6 months now due to the long time development off CAVS 3. So CAVS 2 bug fixes wont happen. The AV Team now working on CAVS 3 is VERY good (and growing).

So I strongly suggest… an Alternative AV. I have posted stickies here :slight_smile:


Just looked again at your post and noticed you use windows 2000 pro - not sure if CAVS3 will work on this?? maybe somebody could elaborate?

I don’t think we actually know yet, perhaps Melih will chime in or some other person who has heard otherwise. I’d expect it to be much like the release of CFP 3.