Problems between kaspersky and comodo firewall

Blank to all they are new of the forum, but it is from po that a comfortable use firewall, and I must say of being I mount satisfied;
but we come to the problem, I have installed the kespersky antivirus after to have used for a period avast,
at the moment of the installation it says me to remove the comfortable one for incompatibilità, and already goes well,
I install kasper. and then of new comfortable, setup the network. for the doors of emule and all it seems ok,
but when I go launch various applications es. dvdshrink or convertxtodvd or want to see a film with mediaplayer the cmdagent.exe schizza to stars using from 70/90% of cpu, inpalla all and sometimes I must myself be quite riavviare the PC because does not make me to disabilitare the firewall,
I wanted to know if ce one solution in order to make to cohabit these two software.

intel P42.4

thanks and hello Wave

Hello acid74 and a wave back to you (:WAV)
I think I’ve got this, your cpu is under heavy load when you launch apps.
KAV forums advise that KAV should be installed before any firewalls.
These are from the FAQ’s regarding high cpu usage.

cpf.exe and high cpu,6819.0.html,6933.0.html,6943.0.html

cmdagent and high cpu,5499.0.html,5972.0.html,6160.0.html

Hope this helps

Task to have resolved, reading other arguments in English
I have disable “monitor DLL injection” and now it seems resolved,
the cmdagent.exe whichever application seems stable launch.

hello and thanks the same one for the answer