Problems after new installation of Comodo - no Network available


I’m a new user and I installed Comodo on my notebook at home (IBM T42p) on WinXP SP2.

My Notebook has a network connection to an Linksys router (by cable) and also a wireless connection

Now, after rebooting (Comodo runs) I’ve no network connection to internet.
When I inspect my ipconfig I see that I got the right IP-adress from the router.

When I deactivate my network card, the wireless connection is initialized, later when I activate my network card again I’ve a network connection to internet and I’m able to work as expected.

Could anybody explain what’s going on?

Please help!



Hi and welcome ! Have you tried opening Comodo, and going to security\tasks\define a new trusted network?


Also, add\remove\modify a zone and see if you can detect your card in there and add it.


There were two definitions:

A common zone definition with

I saw my network card in the zone definition (the one for the cable connection Intel (R) PRO/1000 MT Mobile Connection).

The network card for wireless connection wasn’t shown.

I removed both existing zones.

What I’ve to define when I also want to use my notebook in other networks?

Please help