Probleme between HIPS and SetPoint.exe


SetPoint.exe from logitech is blocked by HIPS. I try to put this exe in “Allowed Application” and “Installer or Updater” but this application is allways blocked by HIPS in he last version of COMODO CIS (

What can I do to force HIPS to unblock SetPoint.exe because when I used unblock it’s works and come back a few seconds later ?

Best regards

Open up HIPS rules and edit the rule for COMODO Internet Security, then go to the Protection Settings tab, in the Protection Settings list to the very right of Interprocess Memory Access choose Modify, when a new window appears alt-click/right-click in the empty area and choose Add > Running Process and from the running process list select the setpoint executable. Press OK for each window to accept the settings change.

Thank you very much. It’s works fine.

But why should I do this with this new version of CIS ?

You always needed to add setpoint to HIPS rule exclusion for CIS file group as CIS does not allow other processes to access to any of CIS processes in memory when HIPS is enabled. It is part of CIS self-protection taking priority over using the unblock application task.