Problem with Windows US keyboard layout

I’m on Windows XP 32 bit SP2.

I’ve been learning Russian for a while and never had anyone to learn with or talk to until recently when 2+2 added a Russian forum. I figured out how to change between typing in English and Cyrillic following this guide

I downloaded and installed their Phonetic Russian layout. Also downloaded and installed a keyboard mapper to change some of the keys.

Found here


So I installed the Phonetic keyboard layout, installed the keyboard layout manager, tried changing some keys and it wouldn’t save, so I tried rebooting to see if it would save. Upon reboot when I got to the login screen to log in to my admin account, I typed the password and it came up as incorrect.

I was stuck in cyrillic and couldn’t type in english.

Finally after messing around and not being able to log in to my user account, I logged into the guest account (not password protected), went to the keyboard language layout settings, added US international english, set it so I could hit CTRL+Shift+3 to switch to US international, logged off to switch users (didn’t reboot) tried the password, still cyrillic, tried to switch to US international with CTRL+Shift+3 and it worked!

So I’m now back in my admin user account, I try the standard US layout and it’s still stuck on the phonetic Russian. I uninstall the Phonetic layout and the keyboard layout manager, try the standard US layout, still Cyrillic.

So I remove the standard US layout, reboot and try to add it back and get an error saying windows couldn’t load it properly. It seems as if it’s corrupted or something.

How would I go about fixing it?

I got system restore to work and fixed the problem.