Problem with Windows Remote Desktop Connection & Endpoint Security

I have Endpoint Security 3 installed on my server and CIS installed on my endpoint Windows Client PC’s.

I have the need to use Windows Remote Desktop Connection to connect to a remote PC through Cisco AnyConnect VPN.

When CIS Endpoint is installed on a Client the Windows Remote Desktop Connection cannot connect even if I disable all the Comodo software. The only way I can sucessfully connect is if I uninstall the CIS Endpoint software on the client.


After installing CES on the endpoint, please make sure the endpoint is restarted in order for CES to function properly.
Leave the endpoint in the unassigned group and set the policy on ‘Locally Configured’, right click on the endpoint apply both policies->‘Locally Configured’
By default Comodo Antivirus should be set on enabled, Firewall and Defense on disabled.
Can you connect through Cisco AnyConnect VPN with the firewall off?

I have all configured as you suggested.
The Cisco Anyconnect Client connects the VPN just fine but I cannot connect the Windows Remote Desktop Connection. Same results if firewall is off or on.

If I uninstall the CIS software all works fine.
I have just tried doing a LAN scan for active LAN IP’s when connected to the Cisco VPN. Shows nothing active when CIS is installed (Firewall OFF or ON Does not matter) but as soon as I uninstall CIS all ok again and I can see active LAN IP’s.

To narrow down the issue:
Install only Comodo Antivirus and then after restart check if you still have the issue with the remote desktop.
Install only Comodo Firewall and then after restart check if you still have the issue.

If you have CES install, open Control Panel->Network connections->select your LAN and click properties-> and uncheck Comodo Internet Security Firewall Driver , click ok and check if you can use the remote desktop through Cisco Anyconnect Client

There are issues with CIS Firewall and Cisco AnyConnect. I opened this bug, hopefully Comodo will fix it soon: