Problem with the search bar in Dragon [solved]

Hi all,

Every time I type something in the search bar, no matter if it is the name of a site or just a general search, instead of getting the search results I get the home page of Google and have to type my search quest a second time there. I never had this problem with previous versions of Dragon and didn’t change any of my settings after updating.

How can I solve this problem?



Mine search works perfectly

I have also tried recreating the problem in the hope to help find a solution, but sorry I can not recreate it here.

Thanks loverboy_lion and captainsticks for having search this problem.

Strangely enough, I don’t encounter it today anymore. Maybe, it was finally a problem of redirect from Google yesterday in my country, I don’t know. The fact is everything is working as usual so problem solved … by itself. ;D


Thanks Boris for letting us know.
Glad to hear all is working as intended.