Problem with scheduled backups


I am trying to use Comodo Backup 4.0.7 on Windows 7 Home Basic SP1.
Manual backups are working fine.
When I create scheduled backup, it does not work until I start shortcut ‘Comodo Backup’ from desktop.
At this moment it sees all missed backups and starts them (Option ‘If schedule is missed’ has valus ‘Run it at first chance’).
Is it ok (i.e. Comodo Backup must be run always)?
Or I must use it with Windows Scheduler only?

Regards, Oleg

I made further experiments and was able to make scheduled backup
only on local drive and only if option ‘Run Mode’ has value ‘Service run’.
If ‘Run mode’ has values other then ‘Service run’, my backups are just
not executed. If ‘Run mode’ has value ‘Service run’ and destination is network drive
(mapped or not), my backups are executed but fails with message in Calendar
‘… was NOT backed up properly!’

P.S. My backup is incremental (CBU).

CBU scheduled backups are put into Windows Task Scheduler. You can schedule the backup and check Task Scheduler to see if they are there. Additionally, you can turn on history in Task Scheduler to see what’s going on.

Using Task Scheduler is great as it eliminates the need for yet another service or additional overhead.


thank you for the hint. There is some problem with Windows Task Scheduler on my computer. When I start it, it gives me many various errors. Now I am trying to resolve them. I will return after this.

Regards, Oleg

Now my Windows Task Scheduler is working without problems and I can see error that happens when executing scheduled backup.

‘The requested operation was not performed, since user did not carry out the entrance into the network. The service indicated does not exist. (0x800704DD)’ (sorry, translated from Russian with Babelfish translator).

This error happens every time when executing scheduled backup onto network drive (mapped or not) or even onto local drive (if option ‘Run Mode’ has value other than ‘Service run’).

Comodo Backup Service and Comodo Online Storage Service are working.
All computers are in workgroup (NOT in domain).

Can you help me?

Regards, Oleg

It looks like a login issue with the network resource. (if I get what the translation means)

Check the security logs on both machines to see if you have a failed/successful login.

I am having a very similar problem, ontwo seperate Windows XP machines. I am trying todothe following:

Backup using a full FTP to NAS device on the web using FTP (i am the administrator and have all ports setup correctly). However when i goto do a full backup using anything other then a manual backup it just fails but willwork fine otherwise

Any ideas?


I had this problem and the way round it is to map a drive first in ‘Before and After’ tasks.

It’s not ideal as you can not perform a verify if you un-map the drive on the after task but apart from that, it’s okl.

I have similar problem. Scheduled backups are not being executed and if yes I get an error like: “was not backed up properly”.
Appreciate any help.