Problem with running Comodo inside VMWare virtual machine [Resolved]


I’m trying to run Comodo (v3.0.25.378 32bit) inside VMWare virtual machine (WinXP SP2, 32bit).
Inside the guest OS I’ve got Avira AntiVir installed (their lates version from yesterday).

Here is a problem. When the installer finished (I forbid Defense+, just Firewall + Leak)
and restart … hupss, the guest WinXP won’t start :frowning:

Does anybody here have similar problem?

(btw VMWare Workstation 6.5.0-110068)

Any suggestions appriciated!


Okey - problem (little bit misteriously) solved.

It appears that it is advised to restart guest WinXP after Avira is installed - because it cause the first restart of guest os to be quite long (so I thought it hang up).

After you restart guest os, install Comodo, restart and everything works fine :slight_smile:


Great that you solved it, it might be of help to others in the future. :wink:
I’ll close this topic now.