Problem with RealVNC

To start out with I’d like to say that I absolutely love this firewall! However I’ve run into one big problem…

I run a RealVNC Server on TCP Port 5900 (sometimes clients use other ports as well so it would be best to allow on all ports). I can connect to my server through local network just fine on port 5900, but when I try to use my WAN IP address and port number to connect the firewall refuses the connection.

I know that my router is setup correctly because when I disable the firewall I can connect just fine. I forwarded TCP/UDP port 5900 on my router to the VNC Server.

So basically I can connect to it just fine on but not on my WAN IP (I will not post my WAN address) . When I try my WAN address I get “Medium security alert” in the comodo logs saying that this is a common port for a VNC trojan… but this isn’t.

How do I configure my firewall to allow people to connect to my RealVNC server on any port and from any ip address?