Problem with printer


I recently had to reinstall Comodo Firewall on my Windows XP SP2 machine. Since then I have discovered that I cannot check the ink levels of the cartridges in my USB printer because the computer says it is unable to establish a two-way communication with the printer.

I am wondering if my new installation of CFP might be the cause but don’t know how to find out. Could someone help me please?

For the record, two-way communication existed when I first installed the printer software when I got the printer and before I reinstalled CFP. Since then I have uninstalled the printer software and reinstalled it but it has made no difference. Apart from this and the reinstallation of CFP, nothing has changed in my computer

Hello, is there anything showing in your events logs?

Comodo → fire wall → events
Comodo → defense+ → events

Hi Kyle

Thanks for your reply. All that there is in Firewall/Events is that an application called ‘System’ has been blocked and the only thing in Defense+/Events is that CBOClean has been accessing memory.

Whay I am not sure about is how to find a list of various blocked applications

Many thanks